Paul Preissner Architects is a pretty good architecture and design office from Chicago.

This studio is an ideas workshop where imagination and crude experimentation are used to create unique social spaces characterized by weird juxtapositions, plain materials, and an economy of form. Our thoughts on the problem of housing and houses, furniture and installations, libraries, community centers, museums, schools, stores and also some other things are available to be seen here on this website. Some of this work has won awards.

Selected Exhibitions
Chicago Architecture Biennale, 2015
Buenos Aires International Biennale of Architecture, 2011 and 2013
the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, 2009
the Art Institute of Chicago, 2006, 2009

Selected Books
Digital Architecture Now, Thames and Hudson, 2008
Hatch, Lawrence King Publishing, 2008
1000x: Architecture of the Americas, Braun, 2008
Young Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago/Yale University Press, 2007

Paul Preissner Architects is a limited company registered in the United States as Paul Preissner Architects, Limited